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Finding the Right Balance Between Manual and Automatic Data Entry Services

Data entry is one of the most basic functions performed by companies all over the world. In today’s digital age, the importance of data entry services has risen greatly. Modern-day enterprises are looking to digitalize their workflow, for which, it is essential to convert paper-based documents into computer-supported files. Also, there has been a considerable rise in the utilization of business analytics and data mining for business welfare. And, accurate data entry forms the basis of a well-run data mining operation.

Data Entry: Manual vs. Automation

For a long time, manual data entry was the only way companies used to perform this task. But, with new IoT innovations, we are seeing a shift towards automation. Software like UiPath Robotic Process Automation and AutoEntry are all the rage now, and for good reasons too. Not only they help in reducing the time taken for accomplishing tasks, they also bring in a higher level of accuracy. Below is a comparison between manual and automatic data entry services:

  • Manual data entry requires agents to make all the entries one-by-one, using their hands and eyes (on basic software like Excel or OpenOffice Calc). As they are only human, the likelihood of error is always there. In contrast, automatic data entry services involve the use of software. Quality software tools offered by veteran data entry service providers can expedite data entry and also ensure better accuracy.
  • Data conversion into digital format is an integral part of data entry. Manual digital transformation can take ages as agents have to read large amount of data stored on physical documents and type it on the computer system. On the other hand, automatic OCR software employed by data entry services provider can instantly derive the information stored in scanned copies of physical documents.
  • Unsupervised automated data entry can become a problem if the system malfunctions or the software tools become buggy. It could be too late before you realize the problem with the software and end up with vast troves of incorrect data. But, manual data entry services can help catch such faults because they are always executed under the supervision of an experienced workforce.

The Importance of Balance in Data Entry Services

Balanced data entry services are the need of the hour, especially if you want long-term accuracy and consistency. When you have the right mix of manual and automated resources, work efficiency increases and exceptional errors are caught in their infancy. Due to the right balance of resources, you get:

  • Improved and accurate insights for creating better business strategies
  • Better web scraping, so you can access information stored on webpages in HTML format
  • Work delivery according to deadlines as automated software expedite the process

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The work operations of organizations have evolved considerably in the recent years including data entry services. In order to maximize the returns from a data entry venture, it is best to combine automated data entry with manual data entry.

We, at Back Office Centers, employ quality software and human resources to deliver highly accurate data entry work. We are also a data mining service provider with considerable experience in the domain, and we can help you generate relevant insights for your business.

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