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Undermining Catalog Management Services Can Lose You Valuable Clients

Customers of the modern-world are very knowledgeable, all thanks to the information received via the Internet. Therefore, they leave no stones unturned before purchasing a product online. It is information that they crave, especially the ones who buy products in bulk or for business purposes. In the dearth of information, they move on to the next brand without even thinking twice. So, it has become essential for companies to manage their Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) properly. The process of categorizing, updating and managing of SKUs falls under catalog management services provider, which have become an integral part of new-age businesses.

The Challenges of Catalog Management Services

Assorting items based on their different attributes can turn into a mind-numbing task for entrepreneurs. Catalog management services are tricky because they have to sort, arrange and manage products based on:

Different Product Options

Similar products that vary because of their color or size can be very hard to arrange in a catalog. For example, T-Shirts with similar design but different colors and sizes would require a different categorization then T-Shirts with different designs, colors, sizes and addons e.g. hoodies. It is necessary that each and every attribute of SKUs are identified before one moves on to arranging them as part of a catalog.

Similar Items with Different Serial Numbers

Products might be similar but have different serial numbers or some other unique identifiers. This can be very tricky to arrange.

Assembly/Kit Product Lines

Many products are sold standalone or as a combined assembly or kit. For example, you might sell a badminton kit that includes racquets, shuttle, net stand, net webbing, shoes etc. Or, sell racquets and shuttle separately. Or, you might sell completely assembled badminton net that is ready to play out-of-the-box. So, creating catalogs for such SKU listings can become extremely difficult, especially if you do not have past experience or the right catalog management tools.

Catalog Management Service Provider to Simplify Management

Catalog management services fall under the scope of back office. If you do not have a capable and experienced in-house team, then back office outsourcing to a seasoned catalog management service provider can be a great option. Below are some ways a vendor can simplify the task for you:

Access to the right catalog management tools

Nowadays, everything works better with software. A veteran catalog management service provider like Back Office Center will utilize the right tool to simplify the burden of work. Not only will it bring in a new efficiency in catalog management, the accuracy of the whole process will also improve.

The Right Balance of Technology and Human Experience

Even the best software will not work well unless they are in the hands of experienced users. A seasoned catalogue pro will be able to create the right breakdown of items, categorization and optimize the process of catalog management services in a much better way.

At Back Office Centers, we understand the value of catalog management and employ a skilled workforce along with cutting-edge SKU management tools. Our innovative thinking and dedication towards back office outsourcing works to our clients’ advantages as we always deliver quality services at an attractive price point.

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