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Manage Every Stage Better With Outsourced Order Processing Services

As ecommerce platforms evolve, the role of order processing services is becoming more and more important. It is vital for a company to keep track of each and every order, so that customers don’t face any problems. This task might appear trivial from outside, but it can cause major chaos if every stage of order processing is not handled correctly.

Understanding Different Stages of Order Processing

The task of order processing can be broken down into several stages for the purpose of better understanding. Have a look:

Inventory management

This is a perpetual process, which remains in the background. An order processing department needs to maintain sufficient number of units for every item. Whenever a purchase is made, the relevant item needs to be deleted and a new order should be placed to replenish the inventory. Another aspect of inventory management is to find the item in the inventory. Nowadays, RFID tagging is used to simplify the process and make it more effective.

Order receiving

The order can be either received via the ecommerce platform or by phone. Regardless of the medium that a customer uses to make contact, you should ensure accurate order reception. Every detail should be captured i.e. type of product, quantity, date of manufacturing, warranty etc. By using outsourced order processing services, it is possible to take the order accurately and also communicate with customers through different mediums – voice, email, live chat etc.

Tracking of product through different stages

From the time an item is picked up from the inventory to the time it is finally delivered, every detail should be tracked. Hi-tech order processing services outsourcing vendors like Back Office Centers use automated software to track product every step. Hence, the chances of errors with respect to delivery are minimized.

Customer support, reconciliation and RMA

Order processing services can fail due to a number of reasons – loss in transit, server failure etc. At these times, you need to offer easily accessible customer support. Customers should always have a toll free number to call, so that they can clarify their doubts, reconcile and even ask for RMA (if the item delivered is faulty).

All the above-mentioned functions fall under the scope of order processing services and need to be done in an organized manner. In order to get the best returns from your order processing department, you should outsource order processing services to a capable vendor such as Back Office Centers.

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