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Make Data Searchable and Useful with Database Building Services

Data holds immense value for business operations across the globe. But in its most basic form, it is almost useless. Raw data can be really hard to comprehend, and it takes a great deal of time to make sense of it. Therefore, companies often outsource database building services to improve data value for their business.

Scope of Database Building Services

Without going into the technicalities, database building services are those services that transform raw data into searchable data. Proper formatting is used to ensure that data is indexed and easily accessible whenever there is a need for it. The process of database building services includes:

  • Conversion of source data into a desirable format like ASN.1/BER
  • Database initialization to create physical files
  • Storage of data records in an indexed and searchable format
  • Sorting of indexed data
  • Updates of files related with data like PDIR, INDX, POST etc.

The entire process of database building services is very complex and requires considerable expertise, and most importantly experience. Using in-house resources to perform this task can transform this process into a laborious one. Instead, it is an easier option to utilize database building services outsourcing.

Important Factors to Consider for Database Building Services Outsourcing

Database building services outsourcing should be done after due consideration. There are many aspects of data that need to be managed properly. Have a look at some important factors related with database-services outsourcing:

Security of data

Outsourcing requires you to offload data to a vendor. Therefore, you need to be very concerned about how they manage the security aspect. Robust encryption is the minimum criteria for enforcing security. Secondly, you need to ensure that the vendor follows Data Protection Act (DPA) and reveals data only to the concerned parties. As your data may hold valuable customer information, you cannot afford it to become common knowledge.


Cloud platforms provide a great way to replicate data at multiple datacenters. This is vital to ensure data availability, even when there is a server crash. Data redundancy allows you to access data from a different point when one datacenter is out of service or offline due to technical issues.

Quality assurance

Data value is directly related with its accuracy. Hence, quality assurance should be on top of your priority list. Choose a vendor that lays special focus on QA and maintains the accuracy of data at all times.

Back Office Centers is one of the best when it comes to database building services outsourcing. We have already provided this service to many of our eminent clients, and are ready to manage a project of any scale.

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